Valeria Zentner

Skin Care & Body Works

Body Work

Swedish Massage

Classic Swedish circulatory massage employs long flowing strokes and kneading to induce relaxation, enhance circulation and melt away stress.

60 min - $100 * 90 min - $140

Deep Tissue

This restorative bodywork is firmer and more specific, yet always stays within your level of comfort. Sessions may be full-body for general tension or partial-body for specific problem areas.

60 min - $100 * 90 min - $140

Golf Ball Massage

A deep massage with the added benefit of deep kneading techniques using a golf ball and the SPAball Kaddy in specific areas. Relaxing AND Therapeutic.

60 min - $100 * 90 min - $140

Pregnancy Massage

This massage aids in the relief of muscle tightness, aches, cramps and stress. It also increases circulation and provides nurturing for the mother-to-be! A special pregnancy pillow is used to provide comfort and support through the later stages of pregnancy.

60 min - $100 * 90 min - $140


Reflexology maintains a link between the feet, hands and internal organs to create self-healing within the body. Specific techniques are used to work these reflex points, resulting in stimulation and relaxation of internal organs.

30 min - $60 (hands and feet)