Step by Step Instructions For Achieving Clearer Skin



Here are the step by step instructions for my Acne Control Program explaining how to get your acne under control, and achieve and maintain clear acne skin.

First Things First – Acne Skin Evaluation

We require all clients to complete the following skin care questionnaires prior of the skin consultation:

• Acne Intake Form
• Practice Policies
• Acne Review Form
• Teen Client Compliance (for clients under the age of 18 only)

Once the consultation forms are completed, we will analyze your acne and your skin condition.

You will be given a skin sensitivity test to know your skin type, acne type, your skin tolerance and best treatment and home regime for you.

After the test, we will create a personalized Acne Control Program specific to your skin needs. The number of treatments recommended will be determined by the type and severity of your acne.

After we have determined your unique level of treatment, we will provide you with a detailed consultation explaining:

• What acne is, how it forms and why is it a mysterious condition.

• How many different types of acne are out there and what type of acne do you have.

• Why prescription medications and antibiotics don’t work for your acne.

• What skin treatments may not be ideal for your skin.

• Learn which cosmetics you have to avoid that are full of comedogenic ingredients and will clog your pores causing acne.

• Find out what aggravating factors can make your acne worse.

• Which foods you have to avoid in order to get clear skin.

• What supplements you can take to get clear skin faster.

• What kinds of treatments are ideal for you and for your skin.

• How to choose which birth control pill is right for you.

• How to troubleshoot and manage your acne during the Acne Control Program.

• How to get clear skin without using any medication or antibiotics.

• How to get clear acne skin in only 90 days or less.

You are now ready to begin your journey to clearer skin.  After purchasing our highly effective program, you will be sent home with the appropriate products and complete directions for how to use them.

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