Highly Effective Specialized TREATMENTS Developed To Transform Your Skin




Acne Skin Evaluation and First Acne Treatment   $95  |  90 min

We will give you a full Acne Skin Evaluation to determine your skin type, acne type and skin tolerance. We will give you recommendations for the products and treatments you will need to get clear.

Your first Acne Control Treatment will be performed including either a chemical peel or a gentle exfoliating enzyme. Extractions are done to help speed up the clearing process of your skin followed with a purifying, soothing, hydrating mask and moisturizer.During this treatment, you will receive a 15-20 minutes LED Light Therapy for faster healing results.

If you decide to go on our acne-clearing program, you will be instructed on how to use your products for the first two weeks of your program.

*Home Care Products are not included in the cost of the treatment. Expect to pay about $150 to $175 for your first set of acne products at your first appointment. This program is only offered to clients that agree to use our home care products. It is very important to keep pushing the skin to get clear with products that need to be adjusted every 2 weeks.

Acne Control Treatment with LED Light Therapy   $90  |  60 min

Package of 6 Treatments  |  $455

The acne treatments are performed in every two weeks and it will be designed to exfoliate your skin, loosen up sebum and to extract impacted pores.They will also assess how your home care regimen will be adjusted so that your skin does not over-adapt and stop responding.

LED blue light therapy will be given to help to kill the acne caused by bacteria, reducing inflammation and providing a general rejuvenation effect on the skin.

Back Acne Treatments  $85  |  45 min

Package of 6 Treatments  |  $430

Acne on the body is assessed the same way as on the face. We still test the skin for sensitivity and tolerance to products. Often, the back needs stronger products because the skin is thicker and less sensitive than on the face.

Acne Rosacea Treatments    $90  |  60 min

Package of 6 Treatments  |  $455

Even though Acne Rosacea is not acne, it still responds to an anti-bacterial regimen much the same as acne. It usually clears up much more quickly than acne and will stay clear as long as product use is maintained. We educate you on food and environmental triggers that can make rosacea worse.

*Products not included in price of any treatment.  Learn more about our specialized acne products.