While I no longer offer massage therapy services, many of you have requested referrals. Below are links to 2 massage therapists whom I have personally used and know to be EXCELLENT!


CERTIFICATIONS: Prenatal Massage, TMJ Release, Chiropractic Massage, Oncology Massage, Geriatric Massage, Compassionate Touch Therapy (Hospice) Heart Touch™ Project, Developer of the Golf Ball Massage, Developer of the GEMball Massage, Developer of the DragonGlass Massage

“I love massage therapy and helping people feel better. The Golf Ball Massage is one of my specialties but I also have a love and passion for Compassionate Touch Therapy, for hospice patients.

The spa is private and feels like a home. People often say that they feel relaxed the minute they walk in the door. No worries picking which massage you want … I leave 30 minutes between massages so I have time to chat before your massage so we can figure out what is best for you. I also have a policy of no talking during the massage so you can use this time for YOUR total relaxation. Hope to meet you soon!”


Massage Therapist · Aromatherapy Service · Reflexologist

“As a massage therapist, I was familiar with essential oils. They seemed useful in my practice. However, I was skeptical until I was introduced to doTERRA®.

Using On Guard® to support my immune system, deep blue® for lessening muscle tension, and DigestZen® for occasional stomach upset, I became a true believer in these CPTG® (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils).

​They have helped my life in many ways and I can show you how they can help yours.”