The Perfect Marriage of Science & Beauty

Microchanneling Infusion Facial

The Microchanneling Infusion Facial is the newest and most revolutionary skin care modality on the market today! It uses nanotechnology to bring you the same great results as more invasive systems without any of the negatives.

Are you looking for a more advanced facial to help address skin concerns such as resurfacing & enlarged pores, aging skin, discoloration or scarring? This Microchanneling Infusion Facial is the closest alternative to Micro-needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). It is noninvasive, has no downtime, is half the cost and is one of safest beauty devices on the market today.

Many of the invasive treatments risk damage to the dermal layer with potential exposure to pain, infection and toxic side effects. The Microchanneling Infusion Facial offers a unique solution to skin repair and rejuvenation by delivering nutrients efficiently into the first layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, withoutpain, discomfort or risk of infection.

How does the Microchanneling Infusion Facial compare to micro-needling? Micro-needling pens use much larger steel needles that pierce through the epidermis tovarying depths. This causes micro-injuries, which creates a wound-healing response to create new collagen.

The Microchanneling Infusion Facial uses a disposable chip with 49 microscopic silicon pyramids, which creates micro permeations into the first layer of the skin. This helps to open up the stratum corneum and allows serum ingredients to be more effective.This stimulates cell repair and regeneration while helping your skin to become more luminous, hydrated and plumped. It effectively targetsthe most sensitive areas, including the neck, under eyes, eyelids and even lips.

If you want quick results, this is the perfect facial to consider. It delivers nutrients into the skin encouraging the natural production of collagen and elastin. Your skin will be leftrejuvenated, with softened fine lines &wrinkles and a radiant glow.

    This treatment is recommended every 2-4 weeks for optimal results.

    The Microchanneling Infusion Facial is Right for you if:

    • You are not a candidate for more invasive procedures
    • You are concerned about painful treatments/numbing injections
    • You want great results with no downtime.


    • Keloid Scars
    • Active inflammatory condition
    • History of actinic keratosis
    • History of active Herpes Simplex infections
    • History of Diabetes
    • Presence of raised Moles, Warts on targeted areas
    • Scleroderma, Collagen Vascular diseases
    • Blood clotting problems
    • Active Bacterial or Fungal infection
    • Immuno-suppression
    • Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing