My Virtual Skin Consultation is designed for clients who don’t live near my office and need help clearing up their skin.

Virtual Skin Consultation  $90  |  45min


I offer a super convenient Virtual Skin Consultation for my Acne Control Program (learn more). Using FaceTime I’m able to offer my clients a detailed analysis and to structure an individualized program to gain maximum results. Whether you are out of town or your schedule does not permit an in-office consultation, this option is sure to get you set up for success towards clear skin!

Just as in the office, this 45 minute online consultation will provide you full professional skin care advice. From the comfort of your home, I will analyze your symptoms, review your history and listen to your concerns. Ultimately you will receive a customized program directed towards achieving your goals for healthier skin.

I will tailor a regimen utilizing specific Face Reality Skin Care product recommendations. You will be given step-by-step instructions on how and when to use your specific protocol. Faithful adherence to the instructions consistently over time is your best means towards successfully achieving clear skin.

In addition, you will receive lots of helpful information about
nutrition and life style. I will provide guidance to avoid future breakouts by avoiding acne triggers both during and after the program.

This detailed consultation includes:

• What acne is, how it forms and why is it a mysterious condition.
• What are the different types of acne and what type do you have.
• Why prescription medications and antibiotics are not an ideal way to treat your acne.
• What skin care treatments to avoid.
• Which cosmetics to avoid. Many are full of comedogenic ingredients which clog pores and cause acne.
• Find out what aggravating factors can make your acne worse.
• Which foods to avoid in order to get clear skin.
• What supplements you can take to get clear skin faster.
• The best treatments for you and for your skin.
• Which birth control pills do not aggravate acne.
• How to troubleshoot and manage your acne during the Acne Control Program.
• How to get clear skin without using any medication or antibiotics.

First Set of Products

If you decide to participate in the acne control program, expect to spend about $150 to $175 for your first set of acne products. This starter set will usually include 6-8 products, which will last 2-3 months on average.

The program is only offered to clients who agree to use our home care products.

Consultation Follow Up

You will receive one free follow-up phone call a week after your initial consultation to check your progress

Virtual Acne Control Program

6 follow up 10 minute session every two weeks – $100

Depending on your skin’s progress I may need to routinely adjust your product usage. This may include changing the strengths, adding or removing products or reducing the amount of exfoliation. I’ll send you an email with a new routine in case we have to adjust your program.

These follow up sessions are a key component towards achieving your skin care goals and having a successful home care routine.

Results Take Time!

Results typically take a three-month period to achieve significant clearing. Ideally this combines in-office treatments and home care. Because virtual clients are not able to receive in-spa treatments and regular extractions, results may take a bit longer. However, significant and true, lasting results will come from your dedication. Face Reality products are backed by science and made with quality ingredients and formulations. There are endless cases showing their effectiveness and documented scientific proof of their successful results. With your commitment to the products and the program, you are sure to see results! Please be prepared to make lifestyle changes!

Book Your Appointment

Intake forms along with face photos (both sides and front) are required to be filled in and sent 72 hours prior to your scheduled consultation.

• Skin Questionnaire Form
• Acne Review Form
• Teen Client Compliance (for clients under the age of 18 only)
• Photos are required to be sent to for better address the skin concerns and allows us to follow the progress of the skin.

Checkout these amazing before and after results – Seeing is Believing! (click)

Virtual Skin Consultation Policies

Intake Forms are required to be filled within 72 hours prior of scheduled appointment. All major credit cards are accepted. Payment plans and are not offered and I’m not currently working with insurance companies. All appointments are booked here, which requires FULL payment upfront in order to secure your date and time. This guarantees that my clients value our time together. *Please give 72 hours notice if you must reschedule your appointment. By booking, you authorize this business to charge your credit card a no-show fee of up to 100% of the scheduled value should you miss your appointment without proper notification.

Beautiful Skin is Just a Phone Call Away!

If you have a personal question about your skin care needs or about facials and peels, please text, call or email me. I would love to give you the right recommendation.